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We have passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system authentication
The company is engaged in designing and manufacturing the AC spot welder and the storing spot welder, has had the history of 30 remaining years.Through enterprise¡¯s own endeavor, develops ultrasonic metal welder, three kinds of welding modes of exchanging, storing and ultrasonic, as well as non-automated and semiautomatic production line equipment successively, based on the original basic product in the last few years, enjoys the very high prestige. in domestic and foreign countries.......

¡ò Receiveed ¡°Zhenjiang advanced group of technology progress¡± glorious name
¡ò Advanced group of technology progress in 2007
¡ò Received ¡°the independent innovation advanced enterprise¡± in 2007
¡ò Technological innovation advanced enterprise in 2006
¡ò ¡°The technological innovation¡±advanced unit
¡ò The technological innovation advanced unit in 2004

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